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Miltitz -- Germany 2008

ดำน้ำในถ้ำ Miltitz เหมือง กล้อง -- Konrad Dubiel (konrad@dubiel.eu.org) Music -- Remote Spaces

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Sea salt and baking soda enema

Image : http://www.flickr.com

Sea salt and baking soda enema is performed is used to purify the body when procedures as x-ray, endoscopy, surgery and other gastronomical procedures. Sea salt and baking soda are products of phosphorus are very vital for the growth of every organ of the body. The input is used to eliminate constipation and many other features, all of which are not listed. It also covers the use of care after the operation if several conditions must be fulfilled for more convenient and faster healing. Use of this enema should be strictly damaged by the doctor's advice and not people who have problems with the kidneys, heart complications, or blockage of the colon, used, pending and the imbalance in the composition of ions in the body or use a some limited form of salt, such as people with high blood pressure. We recommend extreme caution when testing this procedure for lethal toxicity can feed when you do this.

In case you used the> Salt and baking soda enema and watch one of the following side effects you should contact an experienced physician. Side effects may, rectal bleeding, rigidity of the bowel after a bowel movement or loss of fragility or wound around you right. These mild side effects, but there are more serious, such as to cause alarm, and painful swollen stomach, nausea, vomiting, stiff neck, very heavy and continuous headache. And if youNotice of the following symptoms to know that your car overdose and must stop taking and consult a doctor, who leads the infinite thirst of hydration, diarrhea, dry mouth, increased heart rate, spiritual emptiness, helplessness and The periodic crises.

There are some precautions that other problems with the salt and sodium intake to avoid overdose or ignition. The entrance should not be used by children under two years, anddosage for children should be minimal compared to adults, pregnant women and to some extent, those of care even if there is no evidence of effect. You should know clearly that the rectal solutions as soon as oral, even if the chemicals used in them are equal. For the solution or solutions that have taken on an empty stomach, it must increase its effectiveness.

Also care must be observed when interacting with large sea salt and baking soda enema otherchemicals or medication. The entry can react dangerously with the following drugs, chloroquine, antidepressants, psychotropic, cardiac pacemaker and all drugs. If you mix the sea salt and baking soda solution by any of the above, you risk death if it is an oral or rectal. So medical experts before you while using the enema or consult one of the chemicals listed. The drugs listed are not the only one exclusive chat with the doctoralso includes food ingredients should sort. Their actions to ensure your safety.

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Diving in Texas Can Open A Whole New World

Image : http://www.flickr.com

While some may say that there are already enough excitement over the surface of the water, residents of Texas may want a completely new world, that calls for testing.

And 'the world of diving - Band on a tank and equipment, with their diving equipment to explore everything the world of underwater archeology, l'.

For residents in the cities of Dallas and Austin, Houston can explore the world of media diving, travelthe Texas coast along the Gulf of Mexico. But there are also many opportunities because, with training facilities, one in Athens, southeast of Dallas, training and recovery.

Those who choose to take the dives are a lot of companies have estimated 3 million Americans now a certified scuba divers, many of them are residents of Texas.

Although there are ways to immerse yourself in Texas and surrounding areas, includingshores of the Gulf of Mexico, many sport divers head in the warm waters of the eastern and western Caribbean, where coral reefs and marine animals are in abundance. Some decide on one or more of hundreds of places by land, from which they emerge - or can learn - but wants to be a lot of divers to stay on a boat or crewed yacht charter (Eastern Caribbean) or Live-aboard Submersible vessels (in the west).
a submarine crews appear toProfessionals, and increasingly recognized, many instructors who can help with a new sub or controlled if it is a bit 'that last dive of a person he was. Charter captains know the dive sites most popular and some not so well known for their favorites. All boats have onboard diving equipment and most of the compressors have to keep the tanks full.

Inland tourists can open a small boat for an hour or more traveling to get to a dive site, but on a charter or diveBarca are already there. They are also not confined to one area, they from an island for a day and another the next dive. Indeed, in a live-aboard dive boat in the western Caribbean, a vacation more than 100 miles on the water during a typical seven-day-trip journey.
It 'also often cheaper to stay hired - included with food and drink - as in a hotel or resort. Extra, the hotel bill on a turn in May - - such as rent for equipment - are almost always includedthe rental fee.

There are many options to learn to dive. Open water certification, dates to include the teaching room, a swimming pool where you can learn to dive underwater to use the equipment, and four open water dives, as can be obtained in just four or five. An increasingly popular method is the certification of the class and pool instruction at some to take home, and then have your instructor in a letter in which a dip in the Caribbean.

Inthe Eastern Caribbean, particularly the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, there are at least 40 vessels with a certified instructor, so you can get right on board. The types of boats available range from 80-foot motor yachts and catamarans smaller boats large to offer couples. Each boat and crew is different, but everyone wants that their customers have a great time.

If diving is not exactly what you want, but you still want to controlThings, snorkeling can be a wonderful opportunity to open a window to get a result. In St. John, USVI, as an example, there is a marked trail in Trunk Bay snorkeling administered by the UP National Park Service.

Another advantage of Patti Crew is the ability to dive after the sun goes down. About 80% of all marine life only at night outside, but with torches diving, a diver is all right.

Live-aboard diving boat operators say, a diver can see four times more frequent, large marine Animals such as rays, dolphins and whales, as we live in a place to land.

If you want more information about scuba diving, there is no need to go too deep. To begin, check NAUI, PADI and YMCA sites in http://www.naui.org, and http://www.padi.com http://www.ymcascuba.org. More information about Divers Alert Network (DAN), a program of medical insurance and for divers, with http://www.diversalertnetwork.org. An excellent place for all information around on> The draft is http://www.scubadiving.com.

Diving is a life style of these activities can prove that this energy. What can you even know you're looking for your long-term health will be energizing.

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Morcheeba - "the sea"

music video - "Down by the Sea" by Morcheeba. Of course, not the original, just some memories of my time in New Zealand gd .. Feel free to comment and vote on it again;)

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Diving - Diving in Honduras

Image : http://www.flickr.com

The number of complaints that the man is about diving, they simply do not have enough money to do whenever they want. Let's face it, diving equipment is expensive. There are also flights, accommodation and meals, and the prices offered by dive shops, and you may only be able to afford one to two dives per year. But what if I told you I could go a place where you can dive forMonths and only pay for what during the week the other dive sites around the world of fantasy is that? I think it would really be a problem? Without doubt, your answer would be something along the lines of "Cool, where do I sign?"

The answer is in Honduras, a country of Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea. Here you can find an 'island, only seven minutes of flight from the mainland, mostly unnoticed by the world. This small island of Utila, the smallest of the three major BayIslands off the east coast of Honduras and is home to some of the cheapest and the best diving is found all over the world. Only 18 miles from the mainland port of Le Ceiba, Utila is only 9.5 miles long and 3 miles wide, and its population is approximately 2,500. But what it lacks useful in terms of size, it is in diving, underwater adventure.

Once arrived ships in Honduras, will not take long to realize thatThis is a dive community. The streets are lined with dive shops, schools, hotels and diving enthusiasts. And you want to know what is better? Everything is cheap in Honduras. Average cost of a meal, only about $ 3 with a gala dinner costs just $ 6 a night accommodation can be or perhaps even lower found for just $ 25, if you know how to shop for deals. At only $ 150 you can dive up to a dozen trips to the CaribbeanSea. And you can not fool the figures, diving in Honduras is not accidental. It transcends the beauty of this area, many other sites that are all over the world.

The best time for diving in the morning. And there are dive sites around Utila Bad, you can almost go anywhere and a great number of wrecks, marine life, coral reefs, and much more. These are just some of the creatures, which are in the spy waters: whale sharks, lobsters,Barracuda, squid, turtles, scorpion fish, fish, pork, large rays, one can imagine corals, sea fans and sponges of all colors.

So if your looking for adventure, diving, do not break, why not try to leave Honduras? You may find that you do not leave.

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Ras Mohamed National Park - A Paradise Scuba Divers

Image : http://www.flickr.com

Ras Mohamed National Park is located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula on the northern Red Sea. Diving in Ras Mohamed is an exceptionally high standard, and dive sites such as Shark and Yolanda Reef have become popular in recent years an increasing number of divers visit this part of the Red Sea.

The secret of lying plains of the beautiful marine and coral at Ras Mohammed in waters rich in nutrients, which are swept across the Sinai --Peninsula from the deep waters of the Gulf of Aqaba and the relatively shallow waters of the gulf of Suez. Each of these broad areas of water to carry nutrients through Ras Mohamed, the natural attraction, a place rich in food.

There are a number of sites of exceptional diving at Ras Mohamed, follow the tip of the peninsula. Ras Atar and along the coast around past Jackfish Alley and Shark Observatory, and, finally, the two peaks of Shark andYolanda Reef.

Be found more than 1,000 species of fish in the waters around Ras Mohamed, which makes it easily one of the best diving in the Red Sea. A large number of pelagic fish, including tuna, barracuda and grouper can be ordered here at regular intervals, as well as an impressive selection of reef fish.

A variety of sharks can be spotted in the waters off Ras Mohammed, which range from common and black tip sharks, white tip, for advice Oceanic white, lemonIncluding sharks and blue sharks.

Most of the dives in Ras Mohammed National Park is about the large number of dive boats that each day visit to Sharm el-Sheikh fact. However, there are a number of liveaboards who regularly Ras Mohamed on the way to more distant locations, like the wreck of the Thistlegorm and Dunraven wrecks.

If you are planning a diving holiday in Sharm El Sheikh, and watch the diving at Ras Mohamed, is safeIt is worth contacting a number of dive centers in Sharm El Sheikh, to see who fits your needs and requirements. There are a large number of dive centers in Sharm El Sheikh, and the vast majority are experienced and well-equipped and extremely aware immersion in the region.

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Sea World Vacation Planning - A Guide to Aquatica Hotels

Image : http://www.flickr.com

Sea World has recently opened its new water park, Aquatica, in the eyes of all and looks great! Orlando looks like another hot summer, it is easy to see that the stat-of-the-art water park in the right place to be cool. Summer is high season in Orlando and looking for the best Aquatica prove a difficult task.

Aquatica is a paradise for tourists with 36 slides, river, stream, side-by-side wave pools and 80,000 square feetwhite sand beaches. The park is known for his signature film known as the Dolphin Plunge, where riders are treated with a clear tube slide, turn right through a dolphin-filled lagoon.

When planning a trip to this spectacular water park, often can have success or failure of a holiday in order to choose the right hotel. Orlando and the area of Lake Buena Vista is literally full of Aquatica hotels to accommodate a family. Here are three different options to consider:

Relax &Luxury

Some families want to extend their experience at the park Aquatica even some pampering. For these destinations, one of the best Aquatica hotels is the choice of International Plaza Resort. It is not only situated directly on the road from Aquatica, but is also a premier Orlando resort.

The International Plaza Resort & Spa is a wonderful holiday for families to spend their days spent in the theme parks. The lush landscape, large swimming pools,On-site dining facilities and spa days offer a level of luxury and comfort, is well developed. This is one of the most luxurious hotels Aquatica offers and ideal for families, a few days away from the bustle of the theme parks as well.

Discount Options

The price is not the only factor in choosing which play remain the best Aquatica where, but unfortunately it is a big part of most families. The trick is to ensure thatthe holiday experience is not compromised in the search for the best prices. Therefore, the Suite in Old Town is one of the best Aquatica hotels for families to have the money to save.

The Suites at Old Town Kissimmee is one of the many hotels near enough to the park of the best Aquatica hotels regardless of price! The one and two bedrooms are very familiar with a large kitchen. With a kitchen can save a lot of moneybecause families can prepare their breakfast or snacks late at night. The Suites at Old Town, offers many amenities such as pools, game rooms and transportation to theme parks.

Families with children

Families looking for hotels Aquatica that young children are able to accommodate a very different list of requirements when looking for a spa environment! Orlando Vista Hotel is distinguished in Lake Buena Vista, can provide all that these familiesneed.

Located in the heart of Lake Buena Vista, this hotel is popular with families with children due to the Kids Club Suites designed for a maximum of three children. These suites feature a bunk bed and a double bed in one room is the room of mom and dad. The resort also boasts a heated outdoor pool, separate children's pool and hot tub - which makes it one of the best Aquatica hotels for families of all ages!

Park Aquatica is certainly difficult to draw crowds this summerand expects an exciting addition to the theme park in Orlando. Research and choosing the best choices for the needs of each family makes sure that all participants will have the vacation of their dreams.

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